App spotlight: Illusive Radio

Illusive Radio is an online radio app based in Los Angeles, California, with the goal of providing music, culture and vibes across this Planet of ours.

Illusive radio started back in 2010 when online services for personal streaming such as upstream and stickman were very popular. It was a summer vacation streaming show that would last from 1 to 8 hours on some days. At first, it was just a stream to occupy owner Karim Gordon’s time while he was on college vacation. Gradually it became a really cool app. Continue reading

Single-card loyalty released to all users!

More exciting news from ShoutEm!

The biggest engine for growth and the number one concern for small and medium businesses (SMBs) is retaining loyal customers. Getting this right will start you off on the journey to a prosperous business future. Therefore, we have worked hard to bring you a beautiful addition to what was already a very nice package! Here at ShoutEm, we are proud to say that we have a well-executed and highly robust loyalty module, which can work for any type of business. It’s also something we plan to develop even more, so it becomes seamless for the end user.

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7 Questions You Need Answered Before You Create an App

This is it, you’ve finally realized you need a mobile app to improve your services and keep up with the times. ShoutEm is here to help and deliver the best solution. However, the job is not nearly done yet. Before we start creating the app, you need to be able to answer seven key questions in order to make the final product just right.

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The Good and the Bad in Apple’s new programming language Swift

Apple recently announced many changes and updates for the upcoming period. Most of these announcements are in domains of design and leisure and, as such, are targeting end users. However, the announcement of Swift, Apple’s new programming language, has made a splash among developers as well.

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How to make a killer festival app

Your festival begins in just a few weeks. With everything in the right place, your mobile app is ready to make a live debut. But will it deliver? We bring you 5 worthy pieces of advice on how to make your festival app an important part of your event, how to attract users and what to do with the app after the event is over. Yes, there’s that too!

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Why small business owners need a mobile app

Mobile apps are very similar to small businesses: their number increases every day and their goal is to get the job done in the simplest manner, without unnecessary complications. All small business owners who want to be up to speed with the technological developments, as well as competitive in the market and – most importantly – of use to their buyers and customers will invest in mobile applications. These are the main reasons why they certainly should…

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