How to Setup Facebook Connect for Your Custom Domain Shout’Em Network

Facebook Connect lets users log in into Shout’Em networks using their Facebook login information. If you use Shout’Em under our subdomain ( you’ll have no problems setting up Facebook Connect. It works out of the box. However, if you setup a custom domain name ( for your network, here are the steps to make it happen...

The Setup

The "Developer" Application

The "Developer" Application

Go to Facebook and search for the “Developer” application using Facebook’s own search box, as shown in the image.

Setup Your Application

Setup Your Application

Inside the “Developer” application click on Set up New Application. Enter your desired Facebook application name (for example the name of your network) and agree to Facebook’s terms of service. Confirm by clicking on Save Changes.

The Details

The Details

We’ve created your application and we just need to set it up now. Click on Edit Settings.

Connect It

Connect It

While there are a lot of options in the settings of your Facebook application, only two are crucial to us. Enter your Shout’Em network URL (web address) under “Connect URL”, as well as “Base Domain”. It needs to be entered like “”, like “”. You can also setup a logo for your application if you want, but it isn’t a requirement. Click on Save Settings.

The API Key

The API Key

We’re back on the initial application page. Copy the value (the set of numbers) under “API Key”. We’ll need it.

Setting the Feature

Setting the Feature

Go to your network settings at Shout’Em under My networks. Select the Features tab. Paste the “API Key” value into the “Facebook Connect API key” field. Click on Save.

Congratulations, your users can now log in with Facebook Connect. You’re done!

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    We have some issues with Facebook Connect, it will be fixed in a day or two.

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