100 Awesome Designers and Developers to Follow on Twitter

100 Designers and Developers to Follow on Twitter

With even Oprah joining the microblogging world, the signal to noise ratio has shifted dramatically. It’s time to set things right. First on our list – the most inspiring and informative designers and developers you can follow, in no particular order:

  • Eric Meyer is known as a web standards advocate who has written numerous books on CSS, most notably “Eric Meyer on CSS”;
  • Domagoj Pavlesic is an internet technology specialist who developed the Bing vs. Google web application;
  • Vibor Cipan is a designer and user experience guy from Microsoft. While he’s not playing with Silverlight, he’s exploring and building new user experiences – he uses Expression;
  • Joshua Porter is a interface designer specialized for social web applications. His book, “Designing for the Social Web”, gives great insight into designing user friendly web applications;
  • Emanuel Blagonic published his first web page in 1997 after which he worked as a motion graphics designer. In the meantime, he has switched back to the web.
  • Jason Kottke is a designer known for his extremely popular link blog, Kottke.org;
  • Alen Grakalic doesn’t only use web standards in his day to day work, but also writes about advanced CSS techniques on the web design magazine, CSSglobe.
Eric Meyer
  • Derek Punsalan is a freelance web designer who regularly blogs at 5thirtyone;
  • Joost de Valk is a Dutch internet marketing specialist and WordPress developer responsible for some great WordPress plugins;
  • Robert Basic is a PHP developer and enthusiast from Serbia, currently working toward a Bachelor of Science degree;
  • Lea Alcantara is a great web designer from Canada. If you’re into personal branding, her series, “The Art of Self-Branding” is a must-read;
  • Garrett Dimon a web designer and developer, as well as the founder of NextUpdate, the company developing the bug and issue tracking application, Sifter;
  • Ryan Imel is a freelance web developer and blogger whose primary “weapon” is WordPress. Ryan has written articles for Copyblogger and Daily Blog Tips, and also runs Theme Playground;
  • Filip Filkovic is a music video director and graphic designer wish some exceptionally crazy creative ideas;
  • Collis Ta’eed is the founder of Envato and designer of the whole range of Envato projects such as PSDtuts;
  • Maja Bencic is graphic and web designer with a specific style and good eye for icons;
  • Marko Dugonjic is a user experience designer and frontend developer who has worked on both Krop and QBN;
  • Jonathan Snook is a web developer who blogs, writes books (coauthored “The Art and Science of CSS The Art and Science of CSS) and creates web applications such as Snitter and My Mile Marker;
  • Goran Radulovic is one of the web developers responsible for the great project management software activeCollab;
  • Dragan Babic is the lead developer and founder of SuperAwesome, a small yet sexy web design studio;
  • Paul Stamatiou is a young web developer who co-founded Skribit and is well known for his personal blog;
  • Scott Doxey the lead web developer at Staples, as well as the lead developer of the Overseer CMS;
  • Bryan Veloso is a web designer best known for his sometimes quite chaotic blog Avalonstar;
  • Mark Boulton is a web designer who has also written for A List Apart and Think Vitamin, as well as publishing “Five Simple Steps – Designing for the Web”;
  • Shaun Inman is a both a designer and developer who has created the very successful Mint web analytics program;
  • Cameron Moll is a graphic designer specializing for the “normal” and mobile web. Author of “Mobile Web Design” and founder of Authentic Jobs;
  • Elliot Jay Stocks is a web designer whose clients have included EMI Records and The Beatles;
  • Cabel Sasser is a Mac developer and co-founder of one of the best known Mac development companies, Panic. Unison! CandyBar! Transmit! Panic!
  • Dave Shea is a web designer from Vancouver and the founder of the CSS Zen Garden;
  • Dan Benjamin built half of Cork’d, all of Hivelogic and the CMS that powers A List Apart;
  • Jason Santa Maria is the Creative Director for A List Apart and has worked for clients such as WordPress, PBS, Miramax Films and The New York Stock Exchange;
  • Molly E. Holzschlag is the “annoying standards girl”, actually one of the most notable standards advocates in the world;
  • Ryan Sims is the lead designer of Virb Inc.;
  • Wolfgang Bartelme is a user interface and graphic designer from Austria;
  • Matt Brett is a web designer who loves working with WordPress;
  • Lisa McMillan is a web designer, temporarily in hiding till her personal site relaunches;
  • Dan Cederholm runs a small little studio called SimpleBits… He’s worked for some clients you may have heard of.. Google? MTV? ESPN? Blogger maybe?
  • Jon Hicks designs for print and new-fangled media. The studio loves icons and logos, such as the Mahalo logo they made.
Leah Culver
  • Patrick Haney is not a sausage. He’s a user interface designer at Harvard University.
  • Garrett Murray makes websites, reviews things and creates the Maniacal Rage podcast;
  • Jeff Croft makes websites and loves Django;
  • Jeffrey Zeldman co-founded and directed The Web Standards Project. He published A List Apart and co-founded An Event Apart. The guy just loves the web;
  • Steve Smith architects user interfaces and web designs with the help of his partner, John Nunemaker;
  • Paul Boag is the web strategist of Headscape and host of the Boagworld web design podcast;
  • Veerle Pieters is graphic and web designer from Belgium;
  • Dan Rubin is a designer and cofounder of the Sidebar Creative alongside Steve Smith, Jonathan Snook and Bryan Veloso. He’s also the co-author of “Pro CSS Techniques”;
  • Daniel Burka is the Creative Director at Digg and one of the founders of Silverorange, a small web design agency in Canada;
  • Dave Seah uses writing and graphic design to clarify the ambiguous and tries to express the resulting insight in words, images or tangible products;
  • Jeffrey Veen co-founded Adaptive Path, led Google’s web apps user experience team, as well as managed the redesign of Google Analytics;
  • Faruk Ateş is a user interface engineer at Apple, where he works on the continuous improvement of Apple’s web presence;
  • Leah Culver is a software engineer at Six Apart, which acquired the startup she co-founded, Pownce;
  • Mike Rundle is the co-founder of the 9rules blogging network;
  • Fabio Sasso is a graphic and web designer who writes about design at Abduzeedo;
  • David Airey is a graphic designer specialized in brand identity;
  • Adriaan Pienaar is the co-founder of WooThemes and a real WordPress lover;
  • Khoi Vinh is the design director of the online edition of the New York Times;
  • Derek Powazek has worked at sites like HotWired, Blogger and Technorati. At the moment he’s splitting his time between MagCloud and a quarterly stories and art book, Fray;
  • Andy Clarke is a web designer and author of “Transcending CSS”;
  • Jim Coudal is the founder of Coudal Partners;
  • Matt Mullenweg is the founding developer of WordPress and founder of Automattic;
  • Jeff Atwood writes about programming… a lot. He’s also currently working on Stackoverflow, a join venture with Joel Spolsky;
  • Joel Spolsky blogs about software at “Joel on Software” , as well as running Fog Creek Software which he co-founded with a friend;
  • Kevin Marks works at Google. He was the Principal Engineer at Technorati as well as spent 5 years in the Quicktime Engineering team at Apple;
  • David Heinmeier Hansson is a partner at 37signals and the creator of the web application framewrok Ruby on Rails;
  • Wil Shipley co-founded the Mac software development companies The Omni Group and Delicious Monster;
  • Simon Collison is a Brit who loves the web. He wrote “Beginning CSS Web Development” as well as co-authored “Blog Design Solutions” and “CSS Mastery”;
  • Steven Snell is the web designer and blogger behind Vandelay Design.
  • Jon Phillips is a freelance web designer by day and guitarist by night, actually the founder of Freelance Folder;
  • Sebastiaan de With is a interface designer who does some awesome icon and user interface design;
  • Jonas Rask is a icon designer living in Denmark. Remember the awesome icons in Microsoft Office 2008.? Yeah, he made them;
  • David Lanham is both a traditional and digital artist, whose artwork and icon designs are a true inspiration;
  • Nick Finck is a user experience professional and co-founder of Blue Flavor.
David Lanham
  • Andy Budd is a user experience designer, partner at Clearleft and curator of the Dconstruct and UX London events;
  • John Resig created jQuery. Nuff said;
  • Jay Hilgert is a designer and blogger at BittBox;
  • Senko Rasic is a web developer with a lot of experience and a small project called Sparrw in the works;
  • Emily Chang is a interaction designer and co-founder of Ideacodes;
  • Phill Ryu co-founded the MacHeist events;
  • Scott Meinzer helps run MacHeist while working on iPhone apps at Tap Tap Tap;
  • Bojan Janjanin is a web enthusiast and creator of The Do’s & Don’ts of Modern Web Design project;
  • Sophia Teutschler runs a small software and development company, Sophiestication, which has some very nice Mac and iPhone software;
  • Lucijan Blagonic is a professional graphic and web designer who finds himself occupied by astronomy and photography;
  • Nate Whitehill is the co-founder of Unique Blog Designs;
  • Nikola Plejic loves Python and PHP and while not developing for the web, studies physics;
  • Marcel Molina is an engineer at Twitter and retired Rails Core member;
  • Tina Roth Eisenberg runs the design blog and studio SwissMiss;
  • Nathan Smith is a designer and frontend developer at Sonspring
  • Walper Apai runs one of the most popular blogs about web design trends, Web Designer Depot;
  • Chris Spooner is a freelance graphic and web designer who also writes about desig at the SpoonGraphics blog;
  • Andrew Houle is a designer who also runs the MyInkBlog;
  • Calvin Lee is the designer behind Mayhem Studios;
  • Henry runs the specialized web design magazine, the Web Design Ledger;
  • Alex Payne is Twitter’s API Lead;
  • Jeff Finley is a partner at Go Media, the studio that also runs the GoMediaZine;
  • Michael Castilla is the blogger and developer behind WPCandy;
  • Liz Andrade is a web and print designer at CMDShiftDesign;
  • Chris Pearson is a web designer, creator of the Thesis theme for WordPress;
  • Milos Radovic is a web designer currently living in Switzerland;
  • Andy Rutledge is the chief design strategist at Unit Interactive and blogger at DesignView.

Who are you following? Anyone you think we should add to this list?

  • http://www.uxpassion.com/ Vibor Cipan (UXPassion.com)

    I am flattered and really thankful to be included here. And I see some really big and important names here!

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  • http://www.pixint.com Web Design Company

    http://twitter.com/pixint – Pixint is a creative and usability service provider enabling you to communicate your thoughts and ideas through web, desk top, and other mediums effectively.

  • http://www.silver-solutions.co.uk Anthony Woods

    Amazing list, a lot of these I already follow but there is quite a lot that I don’t being featured on this list. Will be checking them all out.


  • Neil Berry

    Awesome list! As a web developer and designer myself, these guys are a great inspiration!


  • http://www.twitter.com/cameronolivier Cameron Olivier

    Nice List :) Loads of top-notch designers/web peeps here! thanks :) will look at following those I don’t already have as friends! :)


  • Ivan Brezak Brkan

    Glad you like the list, guys! :)

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  • http://www.devirtuoso.com web develop

    Sweet List. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://WebmasterBusinessPlan.com Nick Simpson

    cool list, I am following many now, you can follow me here : http://Twitter.com/Nixwebo

    Later on,


  • http://www.thedesigncubicle.com Brian Hoff

    Great list! You can also follow me (Brian Hoff) on Twitter @behoff

    Also blog at The Design Cubicle

  • http://cmdshiftdesign.com/blog Liz

    thanks for including me!

  • http://www.Rob-Bell.com Rob Bell

    Well that’s added another 84 follows to my list, loving Twitter for many reasons, the spread of knowledge being a top one.



  • http://www.twitter.com/divinefusion divinefusion

    great list! Have you checked out @obox + @marcperel “From the Couch” vid bloggers. They are pushing the corner out of the box 😛

  • http://www.pinch.nu Eric Hillerns

    Damn, we would have loved to be included here. But we gotta’ give it up for you regardless. This is one fine assembly of players and may well be the best “awesome” list we’ve seen. Well done.

    The blokes at Pinch. A design office.

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  • Suwde

    dave sheae is in there twice

  • http://www.mbgrafix.com Melissa Bono

    Hey, I’m throwing my hat in the ring: graphic designer, web creator, marketing mistress, jane of all trades. Maybe I’ll make the next list.


  • http://www.unikweb.fr/ David (Unikweb.fr)

    Thks for giving this posting this great list,

    Only great people!


  • http://www.after5pc.net Bryan – After5PC

    Thanks for the recommendations on this comprehensive list! I just recently joined twitter myself and I’ll certainly follow some of those listed here.


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