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Launching an app has never been simpler; we at ShoutEm want to make it as easy as possible to create and launch an app, but that is only a part of the work you’ve got ahead of you.

Back in 2012 we wrote about the benefits of push notifications and about creating a strategy for maximum user engagement. A good push marketing strategy can boost app engagement which leads to customer conversion and loyalty. For many apps, push notifications have played a critical role to success. This is even more pertinent now, in… Read more »

Regardless of the size or the industry, mobile apps have become a big part of every business! Whether you are a fresh new startup looking for your moment in the spotlight, or an already established small business looking to attract new customers, you should definitely be keeping an eye on mobile apps! We bring you… Read more »

If you’re one of the 1,575,453 viewers of the Facebook Fraud video, then you already know why all those present on Facebook with their brands have good reason for concern. Long story short, the video shows the black market of the Like economy – with the author’s fan page acquiring fake fans, even though he… Read more »

These days content marketing is impossible to avoid, especially with the soaring prices of Google AdWords. In order to stretch their marketing budgets as much as possible, small companies across America are writing blogs, sending newsletters and creating infographics, and they are actually helping them reach their users.

At the start of the last decade I was working for a magazine dedicated exclusively to mobile phones and the mobile industry. Still to this day I remember the excitement with which I wrote about the time when mobile phones would have cameras (and mind you, this was all still purely theoretical at the time!)!… Read more »

Usually when you ask somebody what their most common internet purchase is, the answer is most likely to be: books, movies, music, electronics or clothes. However, there are online stores out there offering some pretty strange and unusual products that make you wonder – who would ever buy something like that? Still other shops have… Read more »

In the technological industry each year is more exciting than the last. The best proof for that are the years we’ve left behind us – the memory of the first iPhone version, the last goodbye to the Blackberry, the EDGE. We even take this progress for granted; throwing tantrums like kids cause the whole world… Read more »

The renowned marketing expert Seth Godin published an excellent book called Tribes back in 2008, right before social networks just exploded around the world. Communities, of course, are nothing new, it’s just the way that we get together that has changed. The Internet and mobile communications have enabled us to find people have a lot… Read more »

Some of the greatest inventions and innovations that make modern life easier for us have happened completely by chance. From today’s perspective, it’s hard to believe that penicillin, plastics, the X-ray machine or the microwave oven were created in situations where scientists and innovators were pursuing completely different goals. We bring you some recent examples… Read more »