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App Spotlight: Columbus – The App

Quick… tell us everything you know about Columbus, Ohio. Nothing? Us either, but this is what makes quality tourism/location based apps important to communities. Did you know that 50% of the United States population lives within a 500 mile radius of Columbus, OH? Maybe it’s time for visit! Rashied Tyre, founder of Harbinger, created Columbus – The App to… Read more »

Twitter and the Web According to Andrew Keen, the Antichrist of Silicon Valley

“Grand utopian movement”, said one author about web 2.0… They call him the Antichrist of Silicon Valley. In Amsterdam, at The Next Web conference, we met probably the most prominent critic of Web 2.0, Mr. Andrew Keen. Mr. Keen is well known for his particular view of Web 2.0 as a “grand utopian movement”, describing… Read more »