App Spotlight: Reggae 411 – Everything Jamaican in one app


In our latest app spotlight we get the scoop from the crew behind the Reggae 411 App where they introduce us to the app, Jamaican culture, and the idea behind going mobile. We talk about the feedback from the public, how the app was received in the Jamaican community, and what it was like to build it using our App Maker.

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Infographic: Top 5 reasons to choose ShoutEm on Cyber Monday

It’s not over yet – You can still save big with ShoutEm! Check out our Cyber Monday deals and save 50% on yearly subscriptions or 30% on monthly subscriptions. And remember – you can buy now and make your app later!

Cyber Monday is explained with this great infographic!

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How did the movie Alien inspire iOS7

Do you ever pay attention to the design of those icons that you click on daily as you use your computer programs or mobile apps? Naturally, what matters most to the majority of us is how functional the programs and apps are, and what we can use them for. However, the design of the interface is also an important part of user experience, and so is the appearance of the icons themselves, as they represent the first step of doing actual work on a computer.

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5 Tips on How to Design an iPhone App Icon

Generally there is a lot of work behind creating an app for the iPhone or iPad, but in order to make the app really stand out in the sea of others on App Store, the little details can sometimes do the trick. Like, for example, the app icon. The icon is actually really important because good design can get the user to try out an app, and besides, this little image is the first thing they will see any time they use the app. Therefore, the icon design should be approached very carefully because it truly is the face of the app. Now here are some useful tips to help you with it.

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Top 10 Tips On How To Improve Your Online Store

After all the hard work, you’ve finally started your online store with a great selection of products, affordable prices and amazing web design; but for some reason buyers don’t seem to be rushing in to see what you’ve got. Perhaps you should rethink a few little ‘details’ that might potentially make a significant change on your online store. We bring you 10 tips with real-life examples.
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App Spotlight: The Truth Behind the Truth Network Radio

Our App Spotlight series continues!

The radio meets the app world in our latest testimonial from the crew behind the Truth Network Radio App. We sat down with them to find out how the app helped them increase the number of listeners and how easy it was for them to make an application using our Mobile App Maker.

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