TOP 5: Music Videos Made with Mobile Phones

The sudden development of smartphones and the rapid improvement of their features have resulted in the fact that today we walk around with devices in or pockets which enable us to at the same time surf the internet, organize our daily schedules, play games, make top quality photographs and high definition videos… Smartphones have given us an outlet to express our creativity, especially where photography and amateur videos are involved. However, some have taken it a step further, and today are producing real music videos using mobile phones.

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Happy New Year!

For the last couple of years, every Christmas and New Year I feel thankful for, in addition to my happy and healthy family, every new and old application created through ShoutEm. And not just for the few dollars that they bring in, but for the fact that they enable me to meet wonderful people – gardeners, preachers, buddhists, poets, cigar lovers, radio DJs – all of whom we help improve their businesses through mobile apps. That’s why we’re not giving up: 2014 might turn out to be the most exciting year yet for ShoutEm! Right from the start of the year we’re coming out with innovations that are already changing the world, and since recently, we’ve enabled everyone to have mobile stores of their own through Shopify. And just imagine, the world of mobile apps, and mobiles themselves is still in its infancy!

If you’re not already a part of it, I wish you a fresh start with ShoutEm – a beginning of a new mobile life in 2014!

Viktor Marohnić, CEO

How Smartphones Would Ruin Some Classic Movie Plots

Some movies don’t need smartphones. We’ve heard countless times about cool mock-ups and scenarios, and how some classic movies we all love would end if they had smartphones involved in the main plot. But let’s take a different perspective. We bring you eight blockbuster movies that would be completely ruined by smartphones. Some things you simply shouldn’t mess with!

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TOP 10 Mobile Apps to Help You Make It Through Christmas Alive

Christmas is at our door so it is time to start thinking about decorating the home and the holiday dinner table. Besides happiness and joy, there’s going to be some stress too – the stampede of family members, the shopping fever, the search for the perfect tree. But it can all go way more smoothly with these ten mobile apps.

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Why mobile is yet to become a leading industry

At the start of the last decade I was working for a magazine dedicated exclusively to mobile phones and the mobile industry. Still to this day I remember the excitement with which I wrote about the time when mobile phones would have cameras (and mind you, this was all still purely theoretical at the time!)! A few years later, in 2004 (wow, is it possible that that was 10 years ago?!), I wrote: According to all accounts, what the future holds in store for us is an ultimate device, a kind of one for all, which we will be using to read emails, surf the Internet, write texts, play games, watch TV, and do God knows what else in connection with technology. A year later Trip Hawkins will predict that in 2013 mobile users in the USA will be spending ten billion dollars on what he called mobile social applications. Given that the market doesn’t even exist yet, and isn’t tracked by market research companies, that might sound like hubris from most entrepreneurs.

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Top 10 Weird Online Stores that will make you want to start your own

Usually when you ask somebody what their most common internet purchase is, the answer is most likely to be: books, movies, music, electronics or clothes. However, there are online stores out there offering some pretty strange and unusual products that make you wonder – who would ever buy something like that? Still other shops have a clear purpose, but they are intended for such a narrow circle of consumers that at first they seem weird to us. Here are 10 interesting examples:

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Top 5 mobile trends for 2014

In the technological industry each year is more exciting than the last. The best proof for that are the years we’ve left behind us – the memory of the first iPhone version, the last goodbye to the Blackberry, the EDGE. We even take this progress for granted; throwing tantrums like kids cause the whole world isn’t covered by LTE yet! But we’re getting there, and with a big smile on our face.

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Seth Godin’s Tribes: Lead your community through mobile apps

The renowned marketing expert Seth Godin published an excellent book called Tribes back in 2008, right before social networks just exploded around the world. Communities, of course, are nothing new, it’s just the way that we get together that has changed. The Internet and mobile communications have enabled us to find people have a lot in common with, which was earlier much harder to do.

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