Mobile Shopping App is The Top Priority in 2013 [Infographic]

Mobile commerce, or in short m-commerce, is a broad term. It refers to the use of mobile and tablet devices to purchase a products on the go via mobile shopping apps or mobile-optimized websites. eMarketer predicts that mobile spend will rise to 15% of online sales by the end of 2013, and will have a greater impact than it did last year. Recent findings by Information Week and Mobile Commerce World claim that converting e-commerce web pages into a mobile shop is the top priority in 2013 for IT organizations.

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App Spotlight: Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival

brooklinhiphop 01 App Spotlight: Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival


We are pleased to bring you our first interview this week with Wes Jackson, executive producer of The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. He shared with us why they decided to turn to ShoutEm to promote the event via iPhone and Android mobile apps. Feel free to check out our previous mobile app spotlights for additional interviews.

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App Spotlight: Gluten Free Paris

spotlight glutenfree 1 App Spotlight: Gluten Free Paris

Here @shoutem we talked with Samantha Martin, web developer and PhD student, who offered iPhone and Android apps as tools to help people with Coeliac Disease or Gluten Intolerance easily find places in Paris offering gluten-free meals and drinks. She shared with us best practices for building successful SoLoMo apps and the main advantages for the end-user.

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App Spotlight: Surfers Paradise Festival

 spotlight surfers1 App Spotlight: Surfers Paradise Festival

Here @shoutem we spoke with Natalie Hawker, Marketing Coordinator at Surfers Paradise Alliance – a local government organization that promotes Surfers Paradise events, local businesses, and initiatives. They’ve decided to use iPhone and Android apps to publicise the Surfers Paradise Festival, an event held each March and April that promotes the Australian Gold Coast’s cultural scene. Natalie explained the importance of mobiles in event management and why event managers shouldn’t ignore mobiles anymore when communicating with event attendees.

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Infographic: The rise of tablet commerce in 2013

Adobe and eMarketer findings reveal that online shoppers give an advantage of tablet devices over smartphones when purchasing online. This could make tablets primary devices for mobile commerce. On the other hand, shoppers use smartphones to discover offerings on the go, share information about purchased products with friends and receive time-sensitive offers in the store.

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App Spotlight: Wilkins Harley-Davidson


spotlight wilkins1 App Spotlight: Wilkins Harley Davidson

Here @shoutem we talked with Mary Kilroy from Wilkins Harley-Davidson, the family-owned Harley Davidson dealership with over 60 years of experience. They’ve decided to offer useful iPhone and Android apps to easily share with and get information from customers. Mary discussed her thoughts about the advantages of mobiles for dealerships and the most important features within mobile apps.

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Infographic: Smartphone and tablet app downloads in 2013

Analysts forecast that even more smartphone and tablet apps will be downloaded in 2013 as the number of purchased smartphone and tablet devices continues to grow. Recent findings by ABI Research estimate that approximately 70 billion smartphone and tablet apps will be downloaded in 2013. Android will dominate in the smartphone segment while iOS leads the way among tablets.

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ShoutEm V4 is live. Our biggest release ever.

I’m thrilled to announce new version of the ShoutEm Mobile App Maker!

Each day thousands of our customers are using our platform to create and manage their apps and we wanted to make that the best experience possible. Here is a two minute video showcasing the new user interface and some of the new V4 features.

Viktor Marohnic, ShoutEm CEO

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ShoutEm “Austin Party Guide 2013″ App for SXSW

flyer A4 01 ShoutEm Austin Party Guide 2013 App for SXSW

“Don’t miss a party”

Is this year moto. Last year we had more than 8000 downloads in just five days of SXSW Interactive. This year app is ready for a prime time and even better than last years.

  • >250 parties listed
  • Directions and RSVP buttons
  • Selected (“Hot”) events of our choice for each day
  • Drinkups, film premieres or label showcases, the list grows by the day.
  • Detailed event descriptions let you know more about the event or its sponsors and much more.

On top of this we will run a blog inside an app that will announce hottest parties for each day and also will have a wrap-up of previous nights with latest buzz, photos and videos. .

If you’re one of many with a hectic schedule, leave the rest to the Austin Party Guide, your personal party-planner.

Available for Download Now!

Be the one to confidently lead your team to the next event. Be the one who’s first in line and first to the bar. Be the one who buys ShoutEm their first drink… kidding, kidding, but seriously…

Download the Austin Party Guide today!

Austin Party Guide – iTunes

Austin Party Guide – Android Market