Top 5: How to write a good App Store description

Getting through to users with your app these days can be quite a challenge – about a million other people are trying to do the same thing at the same time – so every step counts. Wherever you can make that final push during promotion, do it! The place where a lot of your potential users are first going to come into contact with you is either Google or Apple Store. The key word here is first; you should see your first encounter with them as a first date where you want to show off your best qualities.
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Top 5 ways to survive the government shutdown using apps

Using apps you say? Yup, as we all know, government offices, agencies, historical landmark and space research organizations have locked their doors, but at least your phone works, right? If you happen to have chosen this period to travel around the States, then this is clearly not your lucky day, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We bring you five ways to survive this shutdown using apps that will get you where you need to go.
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Top 8 ways to promote your app

So you’ve come up with a killer idea, you’ve build your app and now you’re ready to set the world ablaze? The app looks amazing, it works like a charm, the design is top notch – all you’ve got to do now is sit back and watch the number of downloads skyrocket! Unfortunately, things are never that easy. The one thing standing between you and the users is a million other apps fighting you for the attention and preference of smartphone and tablet owners. Creating the app is just half the work, and with ShoutEm, it’s the easy part. What follows is a must-do list for promoting apps:
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Top 9 simple ideas in mobile technology that have made millions

The road from an idea to its realization is long and paved with numerous difficulties. Nevertheless, with a little luck a good idea will often pay off, especially if we’re talking about some kind of a technological innovation. After all, we’re living in a high-tech, interactive, mobile era. Here are some examples of good and essentially simple ideas that happened to appear at the right time and as a result attracted – money. Lots of money…
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Meet ShoutEm team: Mladen Ruzic

MLADEN Meet ShoutEm team: Mladen Ruzic
Our ShoutEm team is built of a very unique set of individuals with different skill sets and diverse life stories. They ‘re all hardworking, creative and smart people who contribute to overall teamwork around our self-service platform for app building. In each of the upcoming weeks, we are going to feature one member of the ShoutEm team. Meet Mladen, our Application developer.

Name: Mladen Ruzic, Application developer
Hometown: Bakarac, Croatia

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Customer stories: Tools like ShoutEm help publishers take their presence to the next level

Multi1 11 Customer stories: Tools like ShoutEm help publishers take their presence to the next level

Imran Ladiwala has worked with 4 startups which are, Kaleidoscope Entertainment,,, and is now Product Manager Mobile for Nimbuzz (product with 150 Mn users). He’s an owner of mobile publishing app FlipFlopNews. He shared his thoughts about the value of mobile apps for publishers and why he decided to use ShoutEm as a self-service tool for mobile app building to deliver news on the go.

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App Spotlight: Bdaily Business News

bdaily 01 App Spotlight: Bdaily Business News


Paul Slater, the co-founder of Ground Six shared with us why he decided to turn to ShoutEm to deliver content via iPhone and Android apps. Feel free to check out our previous mobile app spotlights for additional interviews.

1. Why do publishers need a mobile strategy?

Having undergone a number of mobile specific service improvements to Bdaily we have experienced a 44% increase in mobile traffic in the last three months. Jumping to 31% of our total readership enjoying Bdaily on the go. So for us it’s all about delivering the best possible experience. Naturally it was always part of the plan to build a great Bdaily news experience for iOS and Android too and ShoutEm has massively fast tracked that goal.

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Customer stories: Thank you ShoutEm! We will be spreading the word anywhere…

club zone3 Customer stories: Thank you ShoutEm! We will be spreading the word anywhere...
“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” - Michael LeBoeuf

This is a story by our customer Alexis Cordoza,  Founder/CEO of . It’s going to be featured within our regular category mobile app spotlight.

As an entrepreneur, I am all about the fast-paced life. People want content, and they want it in the palm of their hands as quickly as possible, so I created my company ClubZone.FM with the intent to bring the best in house music to the world. When we thought about moving into the app world and came across ShoutEm! Its impressive layout editor, easy-to-use tools, and website integration made it possible for us to bring everything ClubZone.FM related to everyone in the mobile world!

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Mobile Shopping App is The Top Priority in 2013 [Infographic]

Mobile commerce, or in short m-commerce, is a broad term. It refers to the use of mobile and tablet devices to purchase a products on the go via mobile shopping apps or mobile-optimized websites. eMarketer predicts that mobile spend will rise to 15% of online sales by the end of 2013, and will have a greater impact than it did last year. Recent findings by Information Week and Mobile Commerce World claim that converting e-commerce web pages into a mobile shop is the top priority in 2013 for IT organizations.

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App Spotlight: Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival

brooklinhiphop 01 App Spotlight: Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival


We are pleased to bring you our first interview this week with Wes Jackson, executive producer of The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. He shared with us why they decided to turn to ShoutEm to promote the event via iPhone and Android mobile apps. Feel free to check out our previous mobile app spotlights for additional interviews.

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