Behind the Scenes: The Mobile Loyalty Promo Video

A while back you may have seen some photos on our Facebook page of the behind the scenes of our new promotional video that tells the story of the newest feature from ShoutEm: Mobile Loyalty Apps. Today we present the full video in all its glory and more behind the scenes photos.

As we mentioned in a blog post announcing our newest feature, ShoutEm Mobile Loyalty is designed to bring long-term benefits and to establish a stronger relationship with your customers, stimulating them to keep coming back. A loyalty program is a win-win for both you as a business owner and your customer as a buyer of your product or service.

Find out what ShoutEm’s Mobile Loyalty is and how it can drive more customer engagement through your ShoutEm made mobile apps in this video we made.

Take a look at some behind the scenes photos (click to enlarge the image):