Extend your reach with mobile apps! For websites admins and bloggers.

If you haven’t seen this graph and have not read this article, then you are very, very, late and the world is moving on without you!

Yes, soon your users will hate you for not having mobile apps so they can read your content anytime, any place.

Why? Here are my three reasons:

  1. More convenient
    People have more time to read when they are commuting, queuing, or waiting at the doctor’s office. It’s not very convenient to pull out a notebook and read news on the subway.
  2. Powerful devices
    New mobile devices are so fast and have such nice screens that there isn’t a need to turn on your pc to read anymore.
  3. Real-time communication
    If we’re talking about community, do you really want to wait to get home to access your favorite Ning or Meetup page to tell everyone you had a great time at the event?

So back to the title. With mobile apps you can reach those who are too busy to turn on a PC, have no time to visit your website at work, and those who are looking for quicker and more convenient ways to stay in touch with friends.
With ShoutEm Mobilizer, in a couple of minutes you can easily build and launch news and community apps, extend your reach, and engage with your users in real time! Try it out now!

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