Hall of Fame: The Yankee Analysts

Major League Baseball’s New York Yankees are among the most recognizable and iconic sports franchises in the world. Providing in-depth coverage of 162 games a season, in addition to the Yankees being perennial playoff contenders, is no small feat.

ShoutEm is proud to have The Yankee Analysts on our team, and we spoke to TYA co-manager Larry Koestler as part of this week’s App Spotlight.


Tell us about TYA and its community…

The Yankee Analysts (TYA) is one of the premier destinations on the web for high-end New York Yankees statistical analysis, insight, comprehensive series previews and daily game recaps for all New York Yankee regular season and postseason contests, among a wide variety of other content. Visitors will find anywhere from six to eight new items to read on a daily basis—seven days a week, 365 days a year—which means that you’ll almost always be treated to something new if you frequent the site multiple times a day.

Our wonderful readers are as loyal as one could hope for, and for the most part are like-minded statistically-inclined fans who want to share and discuss every single aspect of what goes on during Yankee games. If you’re a Yankee fan—or even just a fan of advanced statistical analysis—you should be reading TYA.

As someone who’s been obsessively reading about the Yankees on the web since the Godfather of all Yankee blogs, Bronx Banter, was launched in 2003, in my opinion the essential daily reads for any Yankee fan include River Ave. Blues; The Pinstriped Bible; Replacement Level Yankees Weblog; It’s About the Money, Stupid; and of course, TYA.


What are the benefits of having a mobile application for TYA?

It goes without saying that with every passing day we’re becoming an increasingly mobile society—I’ve seen a handful of studies that predict that at some point in the not-too-distant future mobile devices may overtake PCs as the most common web-browsing device—making it of the utmost importance that our readers can access and digest TYA as conveniently and quickly as possible.

Having one-click access to TYA ensures that every time you’re bored and you whip out your mobile device—and let’s face it, you’re doing this countless times a day, between waiting for the elevator, riding the elevator, riding the subway, walking down the street, waiting for your friend to meet up with you, etc.—we’re there for you, providing hard-hitting analysis without even having to open your web browser.


What are your favorite features in the application?

I love that the TYA app is sleek and incredibly easy to interface with, and our fanbase has been incredibly excited and vocal about having one of their favorite websites appear as an app on their phone screen. There’s something very cool about seeing “The Yankee Analysts” next to G-Mail, Angry Birds and iTunes, among other things. I also like that our most popular post categories are readily available, and as I mentioned above, having TYA available at the touch of a button has truly revolutionized our readers’ experience.


What are some of the highlights this year for the Yankees and their fans? How is the post-season outlook?

On an individual game level a couple of events immediately spring to mind—Bartolo Colon’s complete-game shutout of the A’s on Memorial Day; obviously Derek Jeter’s 3,000-hit gameCC Sabathia’s complete-game shutout of the Rays; the historic three-grand-slam day; and most recently, Jesus Montero arriving to the big leagues in style, with two home runs—including the game winner—in his fourth career game.

Taken as a whole, regardless of the ultimate outcome I think the 2011 season has truly been one for the ages. After being shunned by Cliff Lee in December and learning that Andy Pettitte wouldn’t be returning a month later, you’d be hard-pressed to find a Yankee fan not significantly depressed about the team’s likelihood of a playoff run in the immediate aftermath. If, back in February, I told you that Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon would not only play integral roles but perform as the Yankees’ second- and third-best starters on a playoff-bound team, you’d have looked at me as if I had three heads.

But here we are today, with the Yankees cruising into a postseason berth and possible division title, and boasting a pitching staff that may not only end up with one of the lowest Yankee team ERAs of the last 33 years, but also end up being one of the most well-rounded Yankee teams of the League Championship Series era.

As far as the postseason goes, TYA will be previewing the heck out of it as is our wont, but it’s critically important to remember that the inherent nature of the way the playoffs are structured dictates that typically the hottest, but not necessarily best team will take home the trophy.

That being said, a devastating, extremely balanced offensive attack, along with a masterful ace supported by a handful of solid secondary starters and lockdown bullpen will make the Yankees a difficult opponent for any and all comers. Of course, if the Yankees run into a hot pitcher or two (think Colby Lewis last year), and the offense goes into a collective coma—something not all that uncommon for any team in postseason play, given the elite level of pitching talent faced in the playoffs—then they could be in for a short stay in October. But given that they’ve surprised us time and again this season, I think they’re as good a bet as any to win it all in 2011.


What are you favorite moments/memories as a Yankee fan?

There are so many that this is a near-impossible question to answer. Off the top of my head I would go with the following: Aaron Boone’s walkoff home run in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS, particularly since I was in attendance, and to this day it remains the most unbelievable, insane sporting event I’ve ever experienced in person; the 2009 World Series championship, as it was the first trophy won during the “blogging era,” validating the countless hours I’ve spent analyzing, reading about and discussing the Yankees each and every day for the last decade, not to mention the fact that the 2009 squad was just a powerhouse and it would’ve been pretty disappointing had they not gone all the way; and of recent vintage, I’d go with the Montero two-home-run game I mentioned in the previous answer. Getting to see the most heralded Yankee hitting prospect since perhaps Bernie Williams finally get the call to the Show and come out of the gate with a bang was pretty electric.


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The Yankee Analysts app is where you can find pre-game lineups, discuss the current game in open threads and listen to interviews with Yankee personnel. Whether it’s another towering A-Bomb from A-Rod, a milestone Jeter hit or another 2-hit shutout from CC, the Yankee Analysts have it covered.