How Smartphones Would Ruin Some Classic Movie Plots

Some movies don’t need smartphones. We’ve heard countless times about cool mock-ups and scenarios, and how some classic movies we all love would end if they had smartphones involved in the main plot. But let’s take a different perspective. We bring you eight blockbuster movies that would be completely ruined by smartphones. Some things you simply shouldn’t mess with!

Forrest Gump
The epic comedy-drama film from 1994 starts with Forrest Gump telling his life story to complete strangers while waiting for a ride at the local bus station. Picture Forrest having a smartphone and checking his favorite apps – we would never even have gotten to the story.

Home Alone
We’ve watched this classic a hundred times. Twice on every Christmas Eve! And imagine Kevin with a smartphone of his own, texting his folks and siblings after realizing that they have left. ‘’Guys, where are you? I’m home alone!!’’ We would never have found out what an 8 year old is capable of when left home alone!

The Goonies
This 80’s classic directed by Richard Donner is probably every 80’s kid favorite movie ever! And just picture it ruined by smartphones with GPS navigation, check-in apps, digital maps and constant access to Wikipedia, where they could find out everything about One-Eyed Willy without ever leaving the house. “Andy… you Goonieeeee!”

The Happening
M. Night Shyamalan tried to once more dazzle the world with his 2008 film titled The Happening. OK, true, this is far from a classic, but just try to picture Mark Wahlberg picking his smartphone up and tweeting: What is happening? Anyone? #happening. He would immediately find out that, well, nothing was happening. Just like in the movie.

The Sixth Sense
Perhaps the most mind-blowing movie of the 90’s was also the most talked-about piece of art that has come out of Hollywood. And although we don’t want to spoil the plot with possible smartphone influence, just imagine this movie premiering in the present day. Our smartphone would constantly be buzzing about it and we would surely stumble upon spoilers.

Fight Club
David Fincher’s work of pure movie art! This 1999 blockbuster was launched immediately to cult classic stardom which could easily have been ruined if Brad/Edward had had a smartphone. Just imagine Tyler picking up his phone after another fight to take a ‘selfie’ with his opponent, only to find out what he really looks like!

Die Hard
Christmas Eve has never been the same again since John McClane’s favorite holiday was rudely interrupted by terrorists. If he had had a smartphone on him we would never have found out what kind of real, hardcore superhero he really is! “Hi, police department? Yeah, this is McClaine, I’m on holiday at the moment, but send some back-up to the Nakatomi Plaza, something fishy is going on…” Yeah, sure…

The Usual Suspects
The Usual Suspects wouldn’t be so usual anymore if the movie plot involved smartphones. Imagine Special Agent Dave Kujan taking out his phone and while pretending to listen to Verbal Kint’s story, secretly googling for Kobayashi and Keyser Soze. Busted on the spot!! Some movies just don’t need modern day technology!

Don’t get us wrong! We love movies and the only thing we love more than movies are mobile phones full of apps! If you would like to add a movie to the list, please leave us your comments, and if you’ve just come up with a brilliant idea for an app – turn it into reality right now with our Mobile App Maker!