How to build location based app in five minutes, with no coding

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Finding places today is easier then back in the old days before they had GPS and location based services. By using the ShoutEm app builder you can have all kind of places available for your users to browse, check-in, comment, share: restaurants, bus stations, hotels, etc – But, what if you’d like to build an app for, say, tea lovers, and you want to present them only with  tea places? You can do that with ShoutEm in about five minutes.

Let’s say you are a tea connoisseur and you are building an app for tea fans all over the world. You would like your tea places to stand out in your app, right? So, let’s do it.

We already know how to add graphics to your app so, in about a 30 seconds you can have something like this to start with:

What’s next?  Go to “Content” tab and select “Location” feature. It has nice flag icon. Activate the feature by pressing the “Activate” button. The flag icon will show on the preview home screen. We will change the icon to something more appropriate later.

You want to put the shortcut to your tea places on the home screen so everybody can see it right away, so let’s create a “Tea Places” category. Inside of  the “Places” module, click “Categories” and then “Add new category“. Enter your name for the category – “Tea Places” and save. Now check the newly created category to put it on home screen. You can uncheck the top category, so you will have only your “Tea Places” on home screen:

We are almost there. Now put the mouse over the “Tea Places” icon on the home screen and select “change icon“. You can choose the teacup icon which will look cool as an icon for “Tea Places“.

Next step is to add some actual tea places to your category. Click on the cog icon near the “Tea Places” category. This will open the screen for adding new places to your category. Click “Add New Place” and enter “Tea” in search box. Place search will return all the places in database with “Tea” in the title.

Take your time and pick some places from the list. You can use the navigate buttons on the bottom. Use “Select” to select your tea place into category. When you are done, click “Instantly test your app” button, download the Mobilizer iphone app from the provided link, log in to Mobilizer app and instantly preview your work:


See how easy that was? All of the users of your app will have the joy of finding nice tea places using your app, check into those places and shout about it.

Later you can spice up your app with more features like: your tea blog, photo and video galleries… Now, start building your location based apps today with the fastest app builder out there ShoutEm!


Photo courtesy of Mo Riza



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  • Justinbob

    Mobile app builder must concentrate on these points..They must frame out
    question what their customer want..What their need is..Thanks!!
    Mobile app builder

  • jnd

    Is there functionality to upload a number places into the set up without going one by one?