How to Setup a Custom Domain For Your Shout'Em Network

How to Setup a Custom Domain for Your Shout'Em Network

So you’ve set up your Shout’Em network and it’s growing steadily. Maybe you’ve already customized the look, but something’s still missing. Yes! Your own custom domain name

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a web site address, such as our very own Domain names come in all shapes and sizes. You can get a top level domain name (TLD) such as a .com, .net or .org. You can also get country specific domain names, like .us (for the United States), .de (Germany), .cn (China), etc. Your own domain name helps your site stand out from the crowd. Most registrars (companies that let you register a domain name) are inexpensive, so you can, for example, find a .com for under $10 a year. Keep in mind that most of the shorter domain names have already been registered, so you’ll probably have to  do some research to find an available domain name. Here are some registrars you can check out:

How to Set Up Your Domain Name on Shout’Em

Setting up your custom domain for your Shout’Em network involves two steps:

1. Set it Up at Shout’Em

  • Go to your Shout’Em My Networks dashboard;
  • Enter your domain name in the Private domain field.

That’s the first step, lets move on…

2. Set Up the DNS Settings for Your Domain Name

To set up your domain name to point to your Shout’Em network, you have to set up the DNS:

  • In your DNS settings, enter a A-record for your domain to point to our server;
  • The host name is “www”;
  • The IP address is “”;
  • Save it!

Example – How to Set Up GoDaddy

Here’s an example of setting up the DNS settings at GoDaddy, a popular domain registrar:

Go to the Domain Manager

Go to the Domain Manager

Log into GoDaddy and click on Domain manager.

A Domain's DNS Control

A Domain's DNS Control

Choose your domain name and click on Total DNS Control in its control panel.

Add a New Record

Add a New A Record

Click to Add New A Record.

Enter the Hostname and IP

Enter the Hostname and IP

Enter the host name (www) and IP address (, and leave the TTL at 1 hour.Save it!

Set up Your Domain for Shout'Em

Set up Your Domain for Shout'Em

Go to your Shout’Em My Networks dashboard and enter your domain name in the Private domain field.

Now you’ve setup your domain name – congratulations! One more step to creating an awesome microblogging network with Shout’Em… If you have any additional questions or feedback, feel free to post it in the comments.

  • I’m going switch domain names, and i am going to use Godaddy as my host. I’m going to follow the tutorial that you have on, How to Setup a Custom Domain For Your Shout’Em Network. I was wondering what about the shout’em logo on the footer, Will it still be there if i still get my own domain? or will it have my logo?

    thank you

  • You can remove the logo through the CSS design template of the network!

  • Hi there,
    I am trying to remove the logo as well as the search box from my shoutem site ( However, I see that the custom CSS box is blank. How can I go about CSS design template.
    Thanks for your help.

  • I tried this, and it worked for a while but then it reverted back to a GoDaddy page associated, with what appeared to be Facebook. Any ideas?

  • @Rajesh Did you send us an e-mail at

    @Rex It shouldn’t revert back by itself. Have you checked with GoDaddy support? I’ve personally had issues with them before, but nothing like reverting?! Even if Shout’Em wasn’t working for you it wouldn’t make the DNS revert to some other address. 🙂

  • I was able to point my domain name with the “www” to my shoutem page. However, I still cannot get the domain to point to shoutEm without the “www”.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Okay, after trying to figure this out on my own I finally got on the phone with GoDaddy. It turns out that if your CNAME record is set for “www” then you will most likely (as I am having to do this morning) delete the CNAME record in order to create an A HOST record under the host name “www”. If you try to use “www” without deleting the CNAME record, it won’t allow you to make the change. I also noticed that using the “@” for your host name does not work with Shoutem. It will work for a few minutes and then revert back to the GoDaddy parking page. You may want to make a note of this in the set up directions above in case anyone else runs into this problem.



  • Grant

    i believe i did everything in the tutorial, but now when i go to my private URL its gives me a shoutem error page. Im confused and I might have messed something up.

  • @Grant Can yousend us an e-mail at

  • Trying to set up another network on a subdomain. Setting are good on the DNS. Is there something that needs to be done on your end? After propagation I stopped getting the dns error but now I get a server not found. Thanks

  • No, there isn’t anything that has to be done on the backend. What’s the network’s domain name?

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  • I have correctly set up my custom domain name for my Network(PageMEME), its working fine. But I wanted to know, that how to set up a subdomain for pointing out to the mobile version of my Network, i.e, for example while the original site is

  • I just followed the steps to point my goDaddy domain to my site at Shoutem but when I enter in I’m directed to GoDaddy’s website?

    I entered host name –
    IP –

    What did I do wrong?

  • Hi Nate,
    as I can see, your domain works and it opens your Shout’Em network. It probably takes some time before your domain starts pointing to Shout’Em.


  • I want to know how to use with
    Could you show the example like, please ?

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  • @Nate

    I use to have the same problem before.

    All you need to do is to forward the http:// thing to your www. If you will check the Domain Manager at http:// the configured is to be redirected to GoDaddy

  • I am using Name Cheap. your example is very useful for Godaddy members but I am finding it very difficult with Name Cheap. Do you have any advice?

    Sure would be nice to have some screen shots and direction for Name Cheap since you have it listed in the choices above. I also prefer them to Godaddy since they provide free WhoisGuard

  • Hello, I am back with a solution to Name Cheap DNS. I hope this was done right. My page appears to be showing up ok at

    I just placed screen shot that ShoutEm can pull from my post, so I do not have to place the url to the image in this thread. It is a screen shot of Name Cheap’s back office.

    Please let me know if there is a better way to forward the DNS at Name Cheap. Although it worked, I was just guessing.

  • When i tried the steps above for creating a new record i get this message over at godaddy>

    (ERROR – DNS Rules Violation, A CNAME exists for this hostname, record of type a cannot be created for www.)

    This happens as soon as a save my new record information. Any suggestions from anyone? thanks

  • You said that we can set our private domain on ! Where do I find the DNS settings ?

  • On the example for , I dont see network management on my page !

  • how do I get network management to come up ! without it my private domain wont work

  • Dave

    Is there any way to use a subdomain as the website address? I want to add a shout’em network to my current website.

  • @Dave
    You should be able to do it. Have you tried?

  • Hello, we currently have a DNS from my server? Should we leave it like that?