Monday ShoutEm Out #10

It’s summer and the weather is hot in a lot of places, particularly in the UK this week which is in the grip of a heat wave. So if all of your potential readers and consumers are trying to get out of the office and enjoy the weather, don’t get hot and bothered about it. You can still reach them wherever they are via their smartphone.

More time spent with mobile apps than mobile websites:

For the first time, mobile analytics firms Flurry has reported smartphone users are spending more time with mobile apps (81 minutes per day) than the mobile web (74 minutes per day). That’s a 9% difference, and the time spent with mobile apps is growing by 91% since last year.

Mobile Apps outpacing the Mobile Internet

What does that mean for you? While it might be relatively easy to set up a mobile version of a smaller site, or even fairly large businesses, the majority of the time and attention being spent on a smartphone is in mobile apps which are far outpacing the growth of the mobile internet, so you’ll be getting a smaller share of the action.

The solution? Use a simple and effective way to allow users to access and interact with your content via a mobile app. Not only do we offer a way for you to do that, but there are lots of additional features to build on your content – for instance, check out this example of how Young and Foodish use our location services.

Local mobile advertising growing massively:

It’s not just apps like Foursquare which are growing location-based services. BIA/Kelsey has predicted local advertising on mobile will be 70% of all mobile advertising by 2015. Given the availability of location data from devices, the clearer return on investment and the chance to make the conversion to purchasing much shorter, it’s not surprising that more and more businesses want to make use of opportunities that are local to a potential customer.

Imagine being able to track the effect you have on offline purchases effectively, rather than just those people who click through to order online – especially when it’s a product which they might want to see, touch or try out in person before putting in an order? How many of your advertisers or business partners might want the same thing, if only you had a mobile app which could deliver it?

Nokia unveil N9 Meego phone, and first Windows 7 Phone leaked:

Nokia has officially unveiled the first handset to run the Linux-based Meego operating system which was long seen as the high-end replacement for the existing Symbian platform. And it’s a fairly nice piece of equipment, and the software has come a long way.

But then a suspiciously official looking ‘leaked’ video appeared of Nokia CEO Stephen Elop showing the first Nokia handset to run Winows Phone 7. Known as the Sea Ray at the moment, the hardware looks very similar to the N9, but runs the Windows Phone 7.5 OS. The phone itself will have an 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics. And with a release later this year, it could well appeal to the 35 million+ members of Microsoft’s Xbox Live gaming service, which is due to have much, much more integration into all Windows Phone 7 operating systems.

What do you think of the prospects for Nokia with Windows Phone 7? And are you a little suspicious that someone could record for 21 minutes with what looks like a tripod set-up and multiple cameras without being spotted after everyone was asked to stop filming?