Monday ShoutEm Out #9

Start your week up-to-date with the latest big news from the mobile world. And in the time you’ve saved trying to keep up with what’s happening elsewhere, it’s easily possible to create your own app!

Global smartphone research from Google and the Mobile Marketing Association

Every week we see more and more evidence published which reinforces the mass impact of smartphones and mobile applications. In this case, the information is coming from two important organisations, with the MMA and Google presenting the findings of an online survey of mobile consumers in 30 countries and 1,000 mobile decision makers. Findings from 5 countries, (US, UK, France, Germany and Japan), have been released with;

  • A significant number of smartphone users accessed the internet via their smartphone every day of the past seven days: US-58%, UK-55%, France-59%, Germany-45%, Japan-78%
  • And many users go online via their smartphones multiple times a day: US-53%, UK-49%, France-47%, Germany-42%, Japan-68%
  • Only a fraction of businesses in the five countries report having mobile optimized sites: US-33%, UK-17%, France-12%, Germany-37%, Japan-43%
  • Fewer than a third of businesses surveyed have an app: US-19%, UK-15%, France-18%, Germany-26%, Japan-10%

It seems strange that so many companies are struggling when it’s never been quicker or easier to produce a mobile application, so why not take a look at Mobilizer and impress your boss by getting it sorted in minutes? You can download a PDF of the full presentation if you’d like more data…

At the same event, Google’s Amit Singhal demonstrated search data which shows mobile as effectively the mirror image of desktop usage. When search drops off at the weekend, mobile search peaks, and the same is true during the day, when mobile peaks in the evening as a replacement for using a computer. That’s why it’s so essential mobile users can find you right now!

Will Nokia and Windows Phone 7 become the third mobile operating system?

With the continued success of Apple and Google, the main battle of operating systems is to become the third alternative. Both BlackBerry and Nokia have been struggling, with investors worried about the former, and both investors and consumers worrying about the later.

There’s been continued debate about Nokia’s decision to utilise Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft, but there’s reason to be optimistic, and not only do have we seen further confirmation of a launch this year from Nokia’s Victor Saeijs at the Mobile Netherlands conference, but we also know now that the first phones will appear in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK.

Interestingly, Windows Phone 7 has also had the largest percentage growth in the May monthly report on mobile advertising from Millenial Media – but is still actually around 1% of the overall market, compared to Android’s 53% and iOS with 27%. So although it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on Windows Phone 7, there’s a way to go yet!

How often do you back up your mobile?

Given the amount of important data we now carry around with us, it’s somewhat surprising to hear that around 50% of iPhone owners have never bothered to synch their handset with iTunes. The figure was given to tech writer  David Chartier by an anonymous source, and shows that Apple’s new iCloud service could be hugely important, as it will now automatically back-up your data when your phone is plugged into a power source.

In the meantime, you might want to check the last time you backed up your smartphone!