Monday ShoutEm Out: The Deal with Location Services

It’s a midsummer Monday, which means we’re out and about enjoying the warm breeze and checking into our favorite spots! Location-based news today on the ShoutEm Out.

Foursquare hooks up with LivingSocial for location-based deals:

Apps with location-based services received a vote of confidence as Foursquare, LivingSocial and others made a deal to deal deals.  Additionally, there are rumors that Groupon may also be checking in.

This appears to be a good sign for mobile application creators, as it may indicate that a broader audience is embracing location-based services. According to Tech Journal South, a survey indicates that “44 percent … saying they use daily deal sites.” The survey also indicates a willingness to share these deals with friends, family or their social networks as “86 percent of respondents indicated that when they find a great deal, they share the information with friends and family.”

[Foursquare, Tech Journal South]

Users show more interest in “in-app” advertising over mobile web ads:

A study by Compete reveals “52 percent of all smartphone owners recall ads they encounter in mobile apps.” This is opposed to 40% of ad recall as it relates to a traditional mobile web browsing experience. This seems to be a good sign for anyone wanting to diversify their revenue generation through their mobile applications.

Based on devices/OS, “Android users have the highest mobile advertising recall, with 55 percent reporting they’ve seen some form of mobile advertising” and iPhone users not far behind with 51% recall. According to Compete’s Danielle Nohe, “this data is important as advertisers and app developers, among others, contemplate the evolving mobile advertising opportunity.”

[Kantar Media’s Compete]

We here at ShoutEm keep a keen eye on how users are interacting with their apps, and we’re working on additional location-based and advertising features to be released in the near future. Stay close to for more information!