New Pricing for Shout'Em Premium Goodies

New Pricing for Premium Goodies

New Pricing for Premium Goodies

With the new features added over the past week, we thought you deserve a bump in premium features as well. After thinking long and hard, we came to the following bits and bytes – just for you crazy microbloggers out there. You can set all of these premium features in the Premium tab of your network’s settings:

  • Use Your Own Premium Domain – So isn’t good enough for you? Don’t worry, for just $4.95 per month you can set up your own custom ( premium TLD (top-level domain). You can also use one of it’s subdomains (;
  • Share Files easily with our full support for – file sharing! Just like the now defunct Pownce, you can let your users share their own bytes over your network – for $9.95 per month;
  • Custom ads anyone? Why not use your own ads instead of or support ones? For just $19.95 per ad unit per month you can start making serious cash;
  • For business users we have a special deal. You can get all the premium services (premium domain, file sharing and custom ads) with no storage or bandwidth limits, a SLA aggrement for 99% uptime and optional restrictions for your corporate e-mail domain for just $1 per user per month.

It's Just too Easy to Set it Up!

It's Just too Easy to Set it Up!

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How to Forward Your Messages to Twitter + Threaded View

Since you’re a microblogging enthusiast, we’re sure that you not only have several Shout’Em networks but also (over)use Twitter as well. Well, we wanted to make you more productive – now you can forward all your messages to your Twitter account:

  • Open your network;
  • Click on the Settings tab, and Forwarding after that;
  • Enter your Twitter username and password;
  • Save it and you’re done!
Forwarding to Twitter is really Simple

Forwarding to Twitter is really Simple

To make it easier to keep tabs on what’s going on in your network, you can use the threaded view. It lets you view messages from members of your network in context to other tweets.

Threaded viewing

Threaded viewing

Just click on the Threaded view option under your message field:

Just click on the Threaded view option

Just click on the Threaded view option

Also, you can use the quick reply option to reply in context without wasting and time. Quick, easy and entirely Shout’Em-esk. Have fun!

Reply quickly with... quick reply!

Reply quickly with... quick reply!

How to Setup Shout'Em for Your Desktop with Twhirl

How to Setup Shout

What every microblogging network needs, including the one you created on Shout”Em, is a desktop application. It makes messaging to your network unbelievably easy. Thankfully, from today you can use the awesome cross platform (Windows, Mac and Linux!) microblogging client – Twhirl. Best of all, it”s completely free.

How to Setup Twhirl for Shout’Em

After you download Twhirl for free, it’s pretty simple to set it up:

  • In the main Settings panel, open the Accounts tab;
  • Select la.conica under the dropdown list;
  • Enter your username in the screen name field in the format, in which ivan is your network username, and your network domain. There’s no need to include “http://” with the domain name;
  • Click on the plus ( ) button to add your network account;
  • Select your account and click on Connect;
  • You’re done

best online casino title=”Basic Setup in Twhirl” src=”” alt=”Basic Setup in Twhirl” width=”472″ height=”666″ />After setting up Twhirl, it”s going to look something like this:

Twhirl ShoutBonus: Pimp out Twhirl

If you don”t like the default pastel color scheme of Twhirl, you can change it. Just open the Colors tab in the basic settings and choose a theme. Personally, I think Black Magic is quite elegant. 🙂

Pimp out Your Twhirl

BarCamp 2009. Success with some added Shout'Em flavor!

BarCamp Zagreb 2009., powered by Shout'EmOver 200 geeks converged on BarCamp Zagreb 2009., the second time the anti-conference has been held in the capital city of Croatia. BarCamp is (as Wikipedia states as well), a international network of user generated conferences. The content is provided by the participants, whose knowledge in all things geeky can suprise even the geekiest. Although the BarCamp format has come to include other topics, BarCamp Zagreb focuses on technology, the web and digital culture.

This year, there were a lot of presentations: sales, web technology, development, etc. Viktor talked about how we financed Shout’Em and other projects while I talked about how to use blogs in business and marketing. We also had the pleasure of supporting the event through t-shirt sponsorships. You can see photos from the event on our sister startup Pticica, or here:

Over 200 people!

Over 200 people!

Viktor talking about Shout'Em...

Viktor talking about Shout'Em...

Geeks show interest? Awesome.

Geeks show interest? Awesome.

Ivan talking about blogging!

Ivan talking about blogging!

Photos by Marinshe

All the Best from Your Friends at Shout'Em


Dear friends and fans,

From all of us at Shout’Em HQ to all of you around the world, all the best for the holidays and New Year’s! We hope you’ll be spending these days with our friends and loved ones… But don’t forget, in 2009. when we (you and we) are going to do some awesome stuff! Now let’s go analog for a couple of days. 😉

Cheers from,
Viktor, Saša, Ivan and the rest of the Shout’Em gang!

350.000 Euro Investment in Shout'Em to Make Microblogging Even Easier

Dear Shouters, we’re happy to announce that Shout’Em just secured 350.000 euros of seed capital from the Bicro seed fund. The investment will be used to further improve our hosted microblogging service, as well as develope native Shout’Em mobile applications for the Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android platforms. This will ensure the mobile focus of Shout’Em. Also, thanks to the funding, we’ll be able to slash the premium package prices by 50% as well as offer ad free services for education as well as charitable organizations.

Shout'Em Secures Seed Funding

Shout'Em Secures Seed Funding

Bicro Ltd. is the «Business Innovation Center of Croatia», a goverment founded 30 million Euro seed fund to support innovation and technology advancement. The idea of such a fund was inspired by similar Finnish and Israeli funds started in times of recession, and built such companies as Nokia. Today Finland gets 20 times the initial investment in taxes from such successful companies.

Croatia has, through Bicro, decided to give Shout’Em the chance it needs to develope the platform even more. In times of recession, Southeastern Europe has decided to invest heavily in IT and web innovation. Can Shout’Em be to the region what the finnish «tiger» startups were to the Baltics? Let’s hope so. 🙂

Watch Shout'Em Live in the LeWeb'08 Startup Competition

Shout'em at the LeWeb'08 startup competition

Shout'em at the LeWeb'08 startup competition

Today, on December 9th, Viktor will be presenting Shout’Em at the LeWeb’08 startup competition, a promising event held as the part of the even bigger Le’Web’08 web conference that we already talked about. The competition is taking place today and the top three startups will get the opportunity to present their projects on the main stage on the afternoon of day two, tommorow.

As for today, each startup is going to get 7 minutes to present the company and demo the product. The LeWeb team gave us and the rest of the startups a set of required goodies we need to cover during our slot. This establishes as standard criteria that we have to meet in order for the judges to say Shout’Em’s cool.

What’s impressive about the event is the very nice selection of judges, including Mike Butcher from Techcruck UK, David Hornik from August Capital, Freddy Mini from Netvibes and other people we hope like Shout’Em. 🙂

A great thing about this year’s LeWeb is that the whole event is going to be streamed in full on the web. We invite you to watch Viktor present Shout’Em live at 3PM (CET) via the Ustream live feed. Also, you can watch what’s happening on the main stage (and hopefully Shout’Em tomorrow ;)).

Shout'Em feat. New Skins, RSS, Twitter API,… Oh my God!

New Features for Shout

New Features for Shout'Em!

After having so many people sign up for Shout”Em, we unfortunately had to cancel our holiday plans, turn off our so called lives and get some new features out the door as soon as possible:

  • New skins to make your networks look even nicer. Don”t worry about going fully customized, just use these!
  • Twitter API integration lets you make your Twitter compatible application or service work with any and all Shout”Em networks. Why settle for just one Twitter when you can explo… I mean get new users from Shout”Em? 🙂
  • New replies views, threaded and feed. Choose your design!
  • Now you can easily make your microblogging network private. Use it for your company, club or secret project. Dominate the world or just your own backyard with a private microblogging network.
  • Bitte? Hell yeah, Shout”Em speaks Spanish, Russian, French and German now! We love our international users and can”t wait to add even more languages. Thanks to all you great folks who helped us with the translating, you”re the best!
  • Easily change the post lenght limit if you don”t like the 140 character one! Make it shorter, make it longer. Make it what you want.

If you still haven”t, it”s time to get that Shout”Em account. We”re working on rolling out new features and getting all your needs met. Don”t worry, Shout”Em will always remain simple, but that doesn”t mean we can”t add a tasty little feature now and then? Stay tuned for Twitter cross posting, SMS posting, E-mail posting, IM posting. Oh, don”t forget groups!

You like Shout'Em?! Well, Mashable, Profy also Do!

It’s been a great week here at Shout’Em HQ. Viktor, Saša and the rest of the development team have been

Mashable Likes Shout'Em

Mashable Likes Shout

hard at work getting all the features out. We counted on people coming to the site, playing with the service, testing it, maybe even breaking it.

What we didn’t expect was the great possitive feedback we got from so many people. TheNextWeb author Boris says you should Roll your own Shout’Em:

Want to engage people in conversation but keep them within your tightly controlled domain? Give ShoutEm a try. With no more than a few clicks you will have your own Twitter running on a subdomain like this:

Mashable didn’t let that slide, so Stan wrote that:

And it’s no slouch, either. The customization options are extensive; you can create a private network for internal use in your company…

Svetlana from the awesome Profy technology blog went more into detail about all the nice stuff Shout’Em let her do:

All in all, Shout’Em seems to look like a great idea and I do believe it can take off in a manner quite similar to what we have seen on Ning as I can see quite a number of potential uses for Shout’Em networks – from private communications within a team or a group of people sharing certain interests to open chat rooms for discussions on just about anything accompanied with sharing links or whole documents of interest to the entire community.

Profy Wants Us To Itself!

Profy Wants Us To Itself!

Also don’t let us get started on all the great feedback we’ve gotten from you via e-mail, that other microblogging service (I think they call it Twitier or something? ;)) and every other ways you found us.

Rock star designer Lea Alcantara of LeaLea (Her new site will be out soon so keep an eye on!) said that:

It’s kind of like Ning but pared down to essentials!

We love it when people get it, and you lot really get it! Keep it up. We’ll be rolling some new features out next week and the Shout’Em public launch (at LeWeb) isn’t far away. Now stop wasting time on the blog and go play with Shout’Em.


Thanks for all the support. Seriously!

What is Shout'Em and Why You Should Shout!

Microblogging has taken off in ways noone could have imagined just a couple of years ago when Twitter was launched. Once just a sideproject, today it’s the spearhead of a revolution in instant. publishing not seen since the advent of blogging itself. While services such as the before mentioned have created communities of great value, it’s on other entrepreneurs and creators to push it forward.

The Answer to Your Microblogging Needs!

The Answer to Your Microblogging Needs!

Shout and Make it Happen

Shout’Em is the service that want’s to make their job that much easier. With features such as posting links, photos as well as geolocating and mobile interfaces, it’s the easiest way to get your own microblogging service up and running. This lets bloggers and small companies get back to what’s important – creating value, while letting Shout’Em do all the hard (technical) work. Scalable, we’ve made sure of it.

After setting up their microblogging network, users can easily customize the design of it using basic CSS, creating a unique design or integrating it into their existing website. In this way it’s similar to Ning, a great service that let’s user create their own social networking. Shout’Em complement’s people who don’t just have their own websites, but users of services such as Ning as well.

Give me more Power

For those in need of more power we offer premium packages that let users tweak their network even more with private domains insterad of subdomains, more bandwidth and storage, mobile browser support, etc. Want to make money with your network. Use our built in system to embed your own ads. When customization get’s crazy, we’ll gladly take up customer  requests on what they need and how they need it.

That’s not All…

Oh no, we’re working on getting SMS integrated as well as co-updating your Facebook and Gtalk status. Let’s not forget Shout’Em Mobile, the upcoming set of apps which will be developed for a broad range of mobile devices.

So, go and tell all your friedns – there’s a lot to be done with Shout’Em!

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