Shout'Em has been selected for Seedcamp week 2009



Viktor is getting ready!

Shout’Em team, Viktor and Sasa, will visit London once again, because Shout’Em has been selected for Seedcamp week 2009! Croatia lost against England, now they have to pray to God (and Fabio Capello) to help them visit South Africa next year. That’s what happened yesterday in London.

First things first. Viktor and Sasa had only 3 minutes to kick some ass, and show judges that we deserve to participate in Seedcamp week. And they did it. 3 minutes of clear symphony was enough to deserve big applause . Judges had 7 minutes to ask them some questions, and of course, everything ended very quickly, so they could sit down and enjoy presentations from other teams. We hoped that Eduardo da Silva would join them on stage, but he sent an email saying that he is not allowed to leave hotel today, but even without him, presentation was perfect. Other teams were also fantastic, but Viktor and Sasa had a felling that they were good enough to be selected for Seedcamp week 2009.

Move away, I want to invest in Shout'Em!

Move away, I want to invest in Shout'Em!

Evening was reserved for “geeks night out”, and watching the football match England vs. Croatia in Red Bar. Food and drinks provided by Seedcamp crew were great. Everything was great for our team except the game that Croatia showed at Wembley. They had no chance against England this time, some of Croatian players should choose different career. Maybe they could invest some money in Shout’Em? 100% win!

Evening ended in tears, but with hope that new day will bring new victories. And it did! Seedcamp crew announced top 21 teams that will participate in Seedcamp week 2009, and Shout’Em is one of them!!! As Borat would say: very nice! Whole Shout’Em team is very proud and excited, this is big recognition for all of us, but we will not stop now. Let’s hope Seedcamp week 2009 will bring us more happy moments. And some money 🙂 . Fingers crossed.