Twieber, a network for Justin Bieber fans



On May 16th, at 7:27 PM UTC, a network has been created. It is dedicated for all Justin Bieber fans. What’s so special about it?

In the next 24 hours, it became the most popular Shoutem network. Justin Bieber fans became angry at Twitter after it changed its “trending topics” algorithm, so they started to look for some kind of alternative. Shoutem was there to help them. In 24 hours, more than 9000 fans joined Twieber, and they posted more than 150.000 shouts! Twieber FTW!

It looks like “fan networks” are among most popular networks on Shoutem, because at the moment, the top 6 networks consist of two networks dedicated to Justin Bieber, one dedicated to Demi Lovato and one dedicated to Jonas Brothers

This is a great opportunity for everyone to start their own mobile social network. Dedicate it to someone or something, and let the game begin. All you have to do is use our wizard to create your network and invite all your friends! It’s free!

  • thanks so much for this opportunity and for all the help Shoutem, you rock 😀

  • Congratulations, Shoutem! Keep up the good work!

  • hi, I have recently created a fan-network for lady gaga, and I wanted to know how to customize my netwrk like twieber.

    1. how do you make the “popular users” to something else like how it says “popular twiebers” on twieber?

    2. I noticed in other ShoutEm blog post you talked about skins…well in my skins section I
    only have a selection
    of four. what is wrong?

    3. i noticed on a few other networks (for example they dont call shouts “shouts” and in Chicklr’s case they are called chirps. how do you customize the name of shouts like the owners of chicklr did?

    thanks, i hope you can help 🙂

  • Asshu

    3)You can customize the field names using language section.
    Admin panel–>settings–>language—>(choose and change all the fields with term ‘shout and shouts’ to your desired word.)
    1)Same as this… Admin panel–>settings–>language—>

  • @Aaron You already got an answer for two questions.
    As you can see, that post is outdated, we added four new skins two months ago .

    Thank you for using Shoutem. In a future, you can always ask us your questions at our support network at .

  • Matt

    What about copyright from Twitter, huh? Almost all contents are from/similar to Twitter. You should investigate this issue.

  • there is no copyright infringement involved. we used Shoutem for this and they have their own copyrights, which we do not claim. neither do we claim twitter’s.

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  • lisa

    cool at least i can go on twitter thats not blocked at school and the twitter is all about justin ahhhhh things i love crammed into one website

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  • bieber’s shawty

    how 2 make twieber???
    I don’t undrstand..
    please help me 🙂